UCF Football Infographic

May 25, 2012

This infographic about the University of Central Florida football program looks at the growth and improvement since the inaugural football season in 1979. The UCF football infographic provides some of the key statistics in regards to game attendance, ticket sales, and players in the NFL.

In the last 33 years the UCF football program has moved from an off-campus stadium, Florida Citrus Bowl, to a brand new stadium, Bright House Network Stadium, that was built in 2007. Since the new stadium has been built the Knights have seen a nice improvement in average home attendance as well as football ticket sales. Couple this with improved facilities and now the entrance into a  BCS conference the future for the Knights looks bright in 2012 and beyond.

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Being a University of Central Florida alumni, I have a strong passion for UCF. I run a small e-commerce store that specializes in UCF apparel and merchandise. I also manage a fan account on the social networks @blackgoldnews and BlackGoldNews+ that keeps up to date with the latest sporting news for the University of Central Florida.

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